Open Bowls3five, final: Inglewood (Paul Howell, Len Spick, Cindy Nicoll) beat Paritutu (Hamish Kape, Kaylin Huwyler, Briar Atkinson) 8-0, 0-13, 1-0. For full results, go to: Bowls3five Open results

Junior Bowls3five, final: Paritutu 3 (Tina Atkinson-Watt, Nathan Goodin, Briar Atkinson) beat Inglewood (Len Spick, Chris Gyde, Kevin Koch) 3-2, 6-1. For full results, go to: Bowls3five junior results

2021-22 Vospers-sponsored women’s interclub – final points:

Division one: Paritutu 39, West End 36, Fitzroy, 24, New Plymouth 23, Lepperton 18, Hawera Park 18, Waitara 15, Opunake 13, Inglewood 12. Winning Paritutu team: singles, Briar Atkinson; pairs, Cathy Andrews, Heather Johns; fours, Barbara Batley, Barbara Harvey, Jackie Moeahu, Gale Fache.

Division two: Paritutu II 26, Tower 19, West End 17, New Plymouth 13, Paritutu III 12, Fitzroy 12, Opunake/Manaia 9. Winning Paritutu team: pairs, Marlene Barrowman, Tina Atkinson-Watt; 2x4x2 pairs, Marlene McArthur, Bridget Fletcher; fours, Amanda Crehan, Cheryll Sharrock, Gaye Holub, Gloria Shaw.

For full results, click on this link: Women’s interclub results

Bayleys Real Estate junior interclub final: Opunake (Levi Davis, Kewene Ratahi, Julie Hemahema, Daryl MacKenzie) 18 Lepperton (Tina Quilter, Fred Quilter, Neil Sole, Shelley Baldwin) 17. For all of the results of the Bayleys Real Estate junior interclub, go to: Junior interclub results

Divisional interclub competitions (results to be published when received):

The Patron’s Egmont Shield. The final was played at Stratford-Avon on February 8, with Opunake (southern winner) beating Waitara (northern winner) 2-0. The winning Opunake sides was: Anne Woods, Heather Radford, Chris Commane, Kay Fleming, Joy Collins, Pauline Davy, Eileen Rothwell and Val Langton.

Northern division Roamers (final points, concluded March 15): West End 64%, New Plymouth 60%, Paritutu 51.7%, Fitzroy 43.3%, Lepperton 40%, Waitara 35%, Inglewood 30%.

2020-2021 interclub points:

Men’s and Women’s Interclub results pages 2020 Interclub