After careful consideration and analysis, the Board of Bowls Taranaki have this afternoon resolved that no centre events will take place in the province this weekend (November 13-14).

That follows the announcement last evening of six Covid-19 cases in Stratford and the further information released today of exposure sites in both Stratford and Hawera.

While the Board acknowledges that Taranaki remains under Alert Level two, and therefore bowls is still permitted to be played, it believes the resolution is overall in the best interests of all bowlers.

“We considered putting in various safety measures for the representative fixture with Wanganui, which was scheduled for tomorrow (November 13) at Tower, but the negatives – both actual and potential – associated with the game we believe outweigh the positives,” Chairman Grant Hassall said. “The cumulative health of all bowlers is paramount.”

The decision includes the representative fixture, the men’s Saturday Shield (scheduled also for November 13) and all interclub competitions, which were due to be held on Sunday, November 14.

The Wanganui fixture is considered a postponement at this stage. An alternative date will endeavoured to be secured, if possible, with Wanganui.

The Saturday Shield round is cancelled.

The interclub will continue on November 20 at the clubs originally scheduled to host on November 14, pending any further developments with Covid-19. Further announcements on this will take over the coming week.

The Board understands that this decision will disappoint and frustrate some bowlers but, overall, believe it is the most sensible determination.