All bowlers who belong to more than one club are asked to take note of the following rule involving the champion-of-champions. This was passed at the Bowls Taranaki Board meeting on 8 September and takes immediate effect:

“A player is permitted to enter a specific club championship (which leads onto a Taranaki champion-of-champions event) in only one club in any given season. For the avoidance of doubt, a player is permitted to play different disciplines in different clubs but once they commence a particular discipline in one club, they are not able to compete in that same discipline in any other club.

Example: Player X plays the fours in club A only. Player X cannot play the fours in any other club. However, they can play the other disciplines in any other club.”

It was agreed that this rule would prohibit players having two bites of the cherry. In no way does this prohibit players belonging to more than one club.