Hamish Kape and Susan Cottam have been named as Taranaki’s best bowlers for the recently completed season.

Kape, a dual member or Paritutu and Okato, and Cottam, of West End, have been respectively named as the best men’s and women’s players.

Kape, who skipped the pairs in the Revital Fertilisers Taranaki representative intercentre side, topped off his glorious season with the men’s award. He started the season with two centre titles to his credit and ended it with five titles and a gold star. Kape skipped the winning side in the centre fours in November and then was part of the winning open triples team in March. His third title of the season came when he skipped his side to victory in the champion-of-champions triples in April. In addition, Kape was also runner-up in the open singles and champion-of-champions pairs.

Cottam, who played No 2 in the women’s intercentre four, also claimed her gold star on champion-of-champions finals day when she won the senior singles. Just prior to Christmas Cottam won the Open pairs for a third time.

Paritutu is the club of the year. It has excelled in the past 12 months connecting with its wider community, especially with an enhanced winter programme and three charity events. In addition, the club has maintained its high standard of greens, hospitality and successes, with numerous titles won over the past season, including both the men’s and women’s division one interclub crowns.

Lloma Hibell (Paritutu) is the umpire of the year in recognition of her dedication and service as a committee member, temporary secretary, divisional organiser and very respected umpire and member.  Lloma started playing bowls at the Smart Road Bowling Club in the 1991-92 season where she served as President for 5 years. She had been disadvantaged at a tournament because she did not know the “Laws of the Sport of Bowls” well enough and so decided to train as an umpire to help her own games and Club. She qualified as an umpire 23 April 2002, before progressing to become a Level 2 umpire and has officiated at a considerable number of centre events during the past season.

The inseparable Inglewood duo of Graham Reive and Steve Sabine are the greenkeepers of the year. Over the past two years they have, using expert assistance, transformed the Inglewood green on a virtual voluntary basis, into the superb playing service it is today. Both men, who work as an absolute partnership, have been both model students and workers in restoring the green.

Sandra Zittersteijn (Paritutu) is the administrator of the year. Zittersteijn was instrumental in both the rise of the indoor complex and the charity events held at Paritutu. The indoor complex was completed 25 years ago and for the first time since then it has someone able and willing to give it what it needs – energy, innovation, connections and desire.

Nathan Goodin (19) is the youth player of the year. Nathan is a member of the Paritutu, Okato and Rahotu clubs. During the season he gained two “pips” towards his gold star as a member of the winning centre fours and champion-of-champions fours sides. In addition, he also won the junior Bowls3five title and the Hugh Moss junior pairs. Nathan has a good future in front of him in bowls.

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