Radius Care-sponsored Taranaki men’s Saturday Shield final (played at Vogeltown on March 5): Okato 4.5 wins, Inglewood 2.5 wins, Tower 2 wins.

Open Bowls3five, final: Inglewood (Paul Howell, Len Spick, Cindy Nicoll) beat Paritutu (Hamish Kape, Kaylin Huwyler, Briar Atkinson) 8-0, 0-13, 1-0. For full results, go to: Bowls3five Open results

Junior Bowls3five, final: Paritutu 3 (Tina Atkinson-Watt, Nathan Goodin, Briar Atkinson) beat Inglewood (Len Spick, Chris Gyde, Kevin Koch) 3-2, 6-1. For full results, go to: Bowls3five junior results

2021-22 season TCB Dentures men’s interclub and Bayleys Real Estate junior interclub:

For all of the results in the TCB Dentures-sponsored men’s division 1, 2 and 3, go to: Interclub results

Division 1 final points: Paritutu 17, West End 10, Tower 4 and Inglewood 3. The winning Paritutu team was: Darren Goodin, Aidan Zittersteijn, John Zittersteijn, Hamish Kape, Adam Collins, Allan Batley and Don Christensen.

Division 2 final points: Waitara 12, Paritutu 10, West End 9, Manaia 3. The winning Waitara team was: Kevin Waters, Bill Rona, Kevin Kenny, Jeff Jane, Cliff Rona, Jimmy Haupapa, Grant McAuley and Trevor Zimmerman.

Division 3 final points: Paritutu 25, Tower 22, Lepperton 22, Waitara I 22, Waitara II 15, Fitzroy 12, Manaia 8. The winning Paritutu team was: Martin Jordan, Peter Vynk, Alex Riddock, Eddie Betts, Bill Mitchell, Steve Taylor, Trevor Johns and Trevor Keightley.

Bayleys Real Estate junior interclub final: Opunake (Levi Davis, Kewene Ratahi, Julie Hemahema, Daryl MacKenzie) 18 Lepperton (Tina Quilter, Fred Quilter, Neil Sole, Shelley Baldwin) 17. For all of the results of the Bayleys Real Estate junior interclub, go to: Junior interclub results

Divisional interclub competitions (results to be published when received):

Northern division Wanderers draw 2022

Radius Care-sponsored men’s northern division Saturday Shield, final winning percentages after 10 rounds (completed): Inglewood 67%, Oakura 60%, New Plymouth 59%, Lepperton 50%, West End 48%, Paritutu 48%, Waitara 48%, Waimea 27%, Vogeltown 25%.

Northern division men’s Tuesday Avery Cup, final winning percentages: Waitara 63.8%, Waimea 61.1%, Oakura 60.4%, Paritutu 57.2%, Fitzroy 55%, Urenui 50%, West End 43.7%, Lepperton 43.7%, Vogeltown 40%, Inglewood 40%, New Plymouth 36.1%.

Northern division men’s Thursday Gilmour Cup, after nine rounds (February 10): Waitara 76%, Oakura 60%, Paritutu 58%, West End 57%, Waimea 43%, New Plymouth 40%, Fitzroy 39%, Inglewood 37%, Vogeltown 32%, Lepperton 31%.

Northern division men’s Tuesday Avery Cup draw

Northern division men’s Thursday Gilmour Cup draw

2020-21 season results:

Radius Care-sponsored Shield men’s final points: Rahotu 3 wins +23, Waitara 3 wins +14, Manaia 3 wins -37. Congratulations to Rahotu.

Bowls3five Open 16/03/21: In fading light at Paritutu this evening, New Plymouth 2 (Val McEldowney, Tobyn Hori and Kelly Hill) have beaten Paritutu 8 (Bill Read, Heather Johns and Kevin Gledhill) in the Taranaki Bowls3five final 3-6, 7-2, 1-0. With the assistance of car lights, Hill drew the winning shot with the last bowl on the tie breaker to win the event.

Bowls3five junior final results

Bowls3five junior northern completed

Bowls3five junior southern section completed

Bowls3five north final results

Bowls3five open southern section completed

Paul and Sharon Spiers men’s division one final (played 31/01/21): West End 14, Paritutu 9, Hawera Park 9 and Oakura 4. The winning West End side was: Dean Elgar (singles), John Roberts and Craig De Faria (pairs), Bruce Colgan, Neil Candy, John Garrud and Steve Walker (fours), Graham Johnson (manager) and Ross Henderson (selector).

Paul and Sharon Spiers men’s division three final points (after play on 31/01/21 at Manaia): Tower 24, Paritutu 23, Coastal 22, Waimea 16, Waitara 14, Lepperton 13, West End 8.

Paul and Sharon Spiers men’s division two final (at West End on 20/12/20): West End II 12, Paritutu 11, West End I 8, Tower 3. The winning West End team was: Neville Sole, Dennis Osborne, Paul Darbyshire, Bruce Hall. Bruce Colgan, Noel Bracken, Darren Scott and Corey Brookes.

2020-2021 interclub points:

Men’s and Women’s Interclub results pages 2020 Interclub