20 titles (Gold star and three bars): G. M. Anderson (Hawera Park and Alton), C. L. De Faria (formerly Johns, NPRSA and West End), D. A. Goodin (Paritutu), J. R. Roberts (Hawera Park, Alton and West End).

15 titles (Gold star and two bars): M. A. Anderson (Alton), B. C. Baldwin (Paritutu), the late D. C. Baldwin (Paritutu), D. H. Bennett (West End), G. A. Lilley (Warea and West End), B. A. Phillips (Alton and West End).

10 titles (Gold star and bar): D. E. Christensen (Avon and Paritutu), M. J. Curd (Vogeltown and Paritutu), D. C. Elgar (Vogeltown and West End), R. J. Hardy (Nolantown), R. Hassall (Fitzroy and Paritutu), G. J. Hawken (Hawera Park and Alton), A. D. Hurley (Alton), the late A. B. John (formerly Johns, Paritutu and NPRSA), G. R. Mounsey (Paritutu), N. F. Probyn (West End), K. R. Sampson (West End).

5 titles (Gold star): B. Anderson (Alton), the late H. O. Andrews (Okato and Paritutu), the late B. R. Ballinger (Paritutu), A. B. Batley (Paritutu), G. W. Baxter (Kapona, Nolantown and Hawera Park), the late N. S. Bell (Fitzroy), the late L. W. Bennoch (Fitzroy), the late S. W. Carley (NPRSA), the late H. J. Cathcart (Vogeltown and Paritutu), the late A. C. E. Crow (Paritutu and NPRSA), J. C. Dick (West End and New Plymouth), the late A. Dickinson (Avon), the late W. F. Dombroski (Alton and Paritutu), D. N. Elliott (Vogeltown and Paritutu), R. J. Fenton (Alton), the late B. S. Fleming (West End), J. G. Garrud (West End), D. M. Griffin (West End), P. Goodin (Paritutu), the late J. A. Howie (Fitzroy), K. Hills (Manaia and Alton), the late H. E. Johns (Paritutu), the late L. L. Koorey (Paritutu), the late A. Koubaridis (Alton), J. D. Linn (West End), D. P. Lowry (Rahotu), S. Lloyd (Hawera Park), the late T. M. MacArthur (Paritutu), the late W. B. MacArthur (Paritutu), G. J. McEldowney (Paritutu, Okato, New Plymouth), the late J. E. Martin (Paritutu and West End), M. G. Martin (Paritutu and West End), J. Murtagh (Paritutu), the late K. W. Murtagh (Paritutu), T. D. Murfitt (Manaia and Paritutu), the late C. V. Muir (Warea and Paritutu), D. H. Osborne (Lepperton and West End), N. M. Paterson (Paritutu), G. C. Pease (Nolantown and Fitzroy), P. W. Ranford (Nolantown), the late J. G. Reid (Paritutu), the late D. Rowlands (Paritutu), B. H. Sanger (Paritutu), J. P. Sexton (West End), N. K. Sole (Warea and West End), the late B. P. Spurdle (Inglewood and Paritutu), the late E. Spurdle (Inglewood), the late W. Spurdle (Inglewood), the late M. J. Squire (Hawera and West End), the late R. Stockman (Paritutu), M. J. Symes (Hawera Park), the late K. P. Tompkins (West End and Paritutu), S. D. Walker (West End), M. R. Walsh (Paritutu), V. C. Walsh (Paritutu), the late K. G. Whittle (Waimea), D. B. Wilson (West End).

Qualifying events: champion-of-champions senior singles (1915-current), champion-of-champions junior singles (1945-2017), champion-of-champions pairs (1942-current), champion-of-champions triples (1975-current), champion-of-champions fours (1948-current), open singles (1968, 1979-current), Christmas pairs (1973-current), open triples (1969-current), New Year fours (1968-2008, 2010), Centre fours (2011-current), Easter fours (1968-1994), open fours (1968-current), mixed pairs (2006-current).


20 titles (Gold star and three bars): J. M. Ward (Lepperton).

15 titles (Gold star and two bars): M. A. Cole (Lepperton and Paritutu), the late P. Dymond (Stratford), E. L. Goble (Lepperton), the late D. M. Maxwell (Lepperton).

10 titles (Gold star and bar): C. P. Andrews (formerly Fleming, Paritutu) R. C. McEldowney (Okato and Paritutu), V. M. McEldowney (Okato and New Plymouth), S. Perrett (Opunake and New Plymouth), V. M. Wilson (Patea), B. Robinson (formerly Brophy, Opunake), K. Stampa (Hawera and Hawera Park).

5 titles (Gold star): R. K. Adams (Fitzroy), D. M. Bishop (Paritutu), J. Clouston (Waitara), P. J. Davy (Waitara and Lepperton), K. M. Fleming (Okato and Paritutu), the late G. A. Gillespie (New Plymouth), the late J. Gray (Waimea and Riverside), the late D. M. Henderson (Lepperton), H. A. Johns (Paritutu), V. S. Keightley (Paritutu), V. G. Kelly (Fitzroy), P. Kennedy (Hawera Park), C. B. Lawn (Okato), N. F. Lowry (Opunake and Rahotu), E. J. Miller (Lepperton), J. Orr  (Eltham and Inglewood), C. A. Pearce (Lepperton), the late R. Randall (Waiwaka), J. Richards (Lepperton and Fitzroy), L. M. Ritson (Inglewood and Lepperton), V. J. Rowan (Paritutu), the late B. Sinclair (Opunake and Rahotu), A. Swafford (Inglewood), the G. P. Thomas (Patea).