The Revital Fertilisers Taranaki sides have been announced for the New Zealand intercentre event, which is being held in Auckland on March 21-24.

The men’s team is Dean Elgar (singles), Gerry O’Sullivan and Aidan Zittersteijn (pairs), Jordan Linn, Dave Wilson, Scott Roberts and Craig De Faria (fours). The women’s team is Rhonda Adams (singles), Sue Winter and Maree Gadsby (pairs), Val McEldowney, Gloria Shaw, Susan Cottam and Cathy Andrews (fours).


Revital Fertilisers Taranaki senior representative teams and results for the Hexagonal fixture in Palmerston North on February 16-17.

Men’s team: A singles, Dean Elgar – 4W 1L; B singles, Hamish Kape – 5L; A pairs, Gerry O’Sullivan, Craig De Faria (s) – 2W, 1D, 2L; B pairs, Aidan Zittersteijn, Kelly Hill – 3W 2L; Fours, Jordan Linn, Dave Wilson, Scott Roberts, Darren Goodin (s) – 3W 2L. Selector, Russell Hardy; manager, Allan Batley. Final points: Manawatu 33, Kapiti 32, Wellington 28, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 25, Hawke’s Bay 20, Wanganui 12.

Women’s team: A singles, Rhonda Adams – 3W 2L; B singles, Chris Commane – 2W 3 L; A pairs, Sue Winter, Maree Gadsby (s) – 3W 2L; B pairs, Cheryll Sharrock, Sue Edwards (s) – 1W 1D 3L; fours, Val McEldowney, Anne Duggan, Susan Cottam, Cathy Andrews (s) – 2W 1D 2L. Selector, Vickie Kelly; manager Kristin Stampa. Final points: Hawke’s Bay 32, Wellington 29, Kapiti 26, Taranaki 24, Manawatu 20, Wanganui 19.

Revital Fertilisers Taranaki eight-years-and-under representative teams and results for the Hexagonal fixture in Wanganui on February 16-17.

Women’s team: Jill Dyett, Faye Hill, Lesley Te Awa, Frances Busby, Margaret Lister, Robyn Klenner, Roxanne Jury, Tina Quilter, Anne Potaka, Gaye Holub. Manager, Gloria Shaw; coach, Faye Gecse. Final points: Manawatu 28, Wellington 22, Hawke’s Bay 22, Kapiti 21, Wanganui 20, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 7.

Men’s team: Paddy Deegan, Steve Sabine, Danny O’Sullivan, Bruce Lilley, Wayne Hawkes, Tobyn Hori, Nigel Berry, Brendan Anderson, Steve Temperton, Sean Prinsloo. Manager, Ian Andrews. Final points: Wellington 26, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 22, Kapiti 21, Manawatu 21, Hawke’s Bay 17, Wanganui 13.


Revital Fertilisers Taranaki women’s representative team and results for the quadrangular fixture held in Wanganui on November 17:

Senior: singles, Sue Winter – 2W, 1 L, Chris Commane – 1W, 2L; pairs, Ann Duggan, Maree Gadsby – 3L; Sue Edwards, Shar Healey – 1W, 2D; fours, Val McEldowney, Bev Robinson, Susan Cottam, Cathy Andrews – 3W. Final points: Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 16, Manawatu 15, Wanganui 15, Wairarapa 14.

Eight-years-and-under: singles, Gaye Holub – 1W, 2L; pairs, Margaret Lister, Lesley Te Awa – 3W; fours, Anne Potaka, Frances Busby, Faye Hill, Jill Dyett – 2W, 1D. Final points: Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 13, Wanganui 10, Manawatu 9, Wairarapa 4.

Revital Fertilisers Taranaki men’s representative team and results for the Arnott Shield held in Wangnaui on November 17:

Senior: singles, Dean Elgar – 3W, Craig De Faria – 1W, 2L; pairs, Brendan Anderson, Gerry O’Sullivan – 3L; Aidan Zittersteijn, Steve Walker – 3W; fours, Jordan Linn, Adam Collins, Scott Roberts, Darren Goodin – 3W. Final points: Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 20 +35, Wanganui 20 +16, Manawatu 15, Wairarapa 5.

Eight-years-and-under: singles, Nigel Berry – 1L; pairs, Steve Sabine, Kelly Hill – 2W, 1D; fours, Tobyn Hori, Wayne Hawkes, Bruce Lilley, Danny O’Sullivan – 2W, 1L. Final points: Manawatu 11, Wanganui 10, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 9, Wairarapa 6.

All players are requested to attend a practice at Paritutu on November 9 at 5pm.


Results of the Revital Fertilisers Taranaki representative women’s team that played Kapiti and Wanganui in Wanganui on October 14:

Seniors, singles, Sue Winter – beat Wanganui U8, lost to Kapiti 21-6, lost to Wanganui 21-19; pairs, Sue Edwards, Shar Healey – lost to Wanganui B 24-9, lost to Kapiti B 16-12, beat Kapiti A 18-15; Rhonda Adams, Maree Gadsby – lost to Kapiti A 18-16, beat Wanganui B 19-18, beat Wanganui A 27-7; fours, Val McEldowney, Bev Robinson, Susan Cottam, Cathy Andrews – beat Kapiti 13-9, beat Wanganui U8, lost to Wanganui 13-8. Final points: Wanganui 12, Kapiti 10, Taranaki 8.

Under eights, singles, Francis Busby – lost to Kapiti 21-12, lost to Wanganui 21-10, lost to Kapiti seniors; pairs, Cheryll Sharrock, Gaye Holub – lost to Kapiti A 14-12, lost to Wanganui B 21-14, lost to Wanganui A 23-7; Ann Potaka, Lesley Te Awa – lost to Wanganui B 20-13, lost to Kapiti B18-9, lost to Kapiti A 17-9; fours, Kathy Gower, Raewyn Nickson, Faye Hill, Jill  Dyett – beat Wanganui 15-6, lost to Kapiti 24-11, lost to Kapiti seniors. Final points: Kapiti 19, Wanganui 7, Taranaki 2.


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