Revital Fertilisers Taranaki representative sides:

The senior event was held in Christchurch from March 23. Men’s, singles, Darren Goodin – 2W, 3L; pairs, John Roberts and Craig Johns – 1W, 4L; fours, Jordan Linn, John Garrud, Steve Walker and Dean Elgar – 3W, 2L. Women’s, singles, Rhonda Adams – 3W, 2L; pairs, Sue Winter and Kristin Stampa – 2W, 3L. fours, Val McEldowney, Bev Robinson, Susan Cottam and Cathy Andrews – 5W. Both sides failed to qualify for the quarterfinals.

The eight-years-and-under event was in Auckland from March 16. Men’s, singles, Dave Wilson – 2W, 2L; pairs, Jordan Linn and Steve Walker – 1W, 3L; fours, Brendan Anderson, Bruce Lilley, Kelly Hill and Danny O’Sullivan – 3W, 1L. Women’s, singles, Sue Winter – 3L; pairs, Bridget Fletcher and Susan Cottam – 1W, 2L; fours, Faye Hill, Hazel Schwartfeger, Jill Dyett and Leanne Halls – 1W, 2L. Both sides failed to qualify for the quarterfinals.


The Revital Fertilisers Taranaki teams competed in the hexagonal in Palmerston North on February 17-18.

Final points, men: Wellington 36, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 30, Manawatu 26 Hawke’s Bay 24, Wanganui 20, Kapiti 14. Women: Wellington 38, Kapiti 24, Wanganui 24, Manawatu 24, Hawke’s Bay 22, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 20.

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Women, singles, Sue Winter – 0W, 5L; Rhonda Adams – 3W, 2L; pairs, Faye Gecse, Maree Gadsby – 3W, 2L; Leanne Halls, Gloria Shaw – 2W, 3L; fours, Val McEldowney, Chris Commane, Susan Cottam and Cathy Andrews – 2W, 3L.

Men, singles, Darren Goodin – 4W, 1 L; Grant Hassall – 3W, 2L; pairs, John Roberts, Craig Johns – 3W, 2L; Steve Sabine, Gerry O’Sullivan – 1W, 4L; Jordan Linn, John Garrud, Steve Walker and Dean Elgar – 4W, 1L.


Revital Fertilisers Taranaki competed in the quadrangular representative with Manawatu, Wanganui and Wairarapa in Wanganui on 18/11/17, winning three of the four sections. The details were:

Senior men: Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 20, Manawatu 18, Wanganui 14 and Wairarapa 8. Individual performances: singles, Darren Goodin 2W 1L; Ian Lowry 1W 2L; pairs, John Roberts/Craig Johns 3W; Jordan Linn/Scott Roberts 2W 1L; fours, John Garrud/Steve Walker/Gerry O’Sullivan/Mark Anderson 2W 1L.

Senior women: Wanganui 20, Manawatu 16, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 15, Wairarapa 9. Individual performances: singles, Rhonda Adams 1W 2L; Cathy Andrews 1 W 2L; pairs, Gloria Shaw/Kristin Stampa 1W 2L; Chris Commane/Val McEldowney 3W; fours, Anne Duggan/Faye Gecse/Maree Gadsby/Gale Fache 1W 1D 1L.

Academy men: Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 14, Wanganui 12, Manawatu (?), Wairarapa (?). Individual performances: singles, Kelly Hill 3W; pairs, Steve Sabine/Vini Purcell 1W 1D 1L; fours, Brendan Anderson/Paddy Deegan/Robbie Brown/Danny O’Sullivan 2W 1D.

Academy women: Revital Fertilisers Taranaki 10 +47, Manawatu 10 +11, Wanganui 9, Wairarapa 7. Individual performances: singles, Sue Winter 2L; Bridget Fletcher 1L; pairs, Bridget Fletcher/Susan Cottam 2W; Bari Oliver/Susan Cottam 1L; fours, Faye Hill/Jill Dyett/Leeanne Halls/Sharlene Healey 3W.


The Revital Fertilisers Taranaki junior sides to compete in the central region junior event in Wanganui on September 30-October 1 have also been released. Men’s: Kelly Hill, Adyne Jack, Trevor Simpson, Bruce Lilley, Steve Temperton, Steve Sabine, Robbie Brown, Steve Muller, Mike Hori and Laurence Hori. Women’s: Jill Dyett, Hazel Schwartfeger , Raewyn Nickson, Lesley Te Awa, Anne Potaka, Margaret Lister, Kathy Gower, Gina McKenzie, Faye Hill and Frances Busby. 

Taranaki finished second and fourth respectively in the men’s and women’s sections of the central region junior representative hexagonal bowls fixture in Wanganui on 01/10/17. The men, with 21 points out of a possible 40, finished second to Wellington, who won with an emphatic 32. Bruce Lilley, Adyne Jack and Steve Muller were the best of the Taranaki players, each winning four games from five. The women, with 20 points, finished fourth as Hawke’s Bay claimed the title with 28 points. Jill Dyett, Hazel Schwartfeger, Lesley Te Awa, Gina McKenzie and Frances Busby all won three matches from five.


The Revital Fertilisers Taranaki women’s representative bowls side has been announced to play Kapiti this Sunday in Wanganui. The senior team is: Kristin Stampa, Rhonda Adams, Gloria Shaw, Anne Duggan, Faye Gecse, Val McEldowney, Gale Fache, Maree Gadsby and Cathy Andrews. The eight-years-and-under team is: Susan Cottam, Sue Winter, Sharlene Healey, Jill Dyett, Chris Hobin, Bari Oliver, Bridget Fletcher, Anne Potaka and Marlene McArthur. Both the seniors and the 8 years and under won 3 and a half games to Kapiti’s 4 and a half.


Revital Fertilisers Taranaki edged out North Harbour in the senior ranks of a women’s representative bowls fixture held at Pukekohe on September 2-3. The two provinces were evenly matched, finishing with six wins apiece, but Taranaki’s superior differential gave it the edge. However, Taranaki were soundly beaten 10-2 by North Harbour in the eight-years-and-under contest. The junior event, for players of five or fewer years, was tied on six wins each, but North Harbour edged ahead with superior differential. Revital Fertilisers Taranaki representative sides – seniors, Kristin Stampa, Gale Fache, Val McEldowney, Faye Gecse, Anne Duggan, Rhonda Adams and Gloira Shaw; Eight-years-and-under, Chris Hobin, Bari Oliver, Bridget Fletcher, Marlene McArthur, Sharlene Healey, Pat Eynon and Gaye Holub; Juniors, Sue Winter, Jill Dyett, Hazel Schwartfeger, Gina McKenzie, Susan Cottam, Cheryl Sharrock and Lesley TeAwa.


Revital Fertilisers Taranaki men who competed against North Harbour on August 5-6 (each player played four games).

Senior men: Scott Roberts (2), Mark Anderson (0.5), Craig Johns (2), John Garrud (1.5), Dean Elgar (1), Gerry O’Sullivan (2.5), Adam Collins (0.5).

Eight-years-and-under men: Brendan Anderson (0.5), Bevan Coleman (1), Steve Walker (2), Danny O’Sullivan (3), Kelly Hill (0.5), Chris Barrett (1), Steve Sabine (3).

Junio men: Wayne Hawkes (0), Trevor Simposn (3), Aydne Jack (1), Steve Temperton (1), Steve Muller (2), Bruce Lilley (3), Robbie Brown (3).



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