Coaches / Umpires


CENTRE DIRECTOR OF COACHING: Allan Madgwick   06 751 4297

SECRETARY: Vickie Kelly 06 757 9113

DELEGATE: Vickie Kelly 06 757 9113


PRESIDENT – David Brunton – Ph: 06 758 7879

SECRETARY – Joy Clouston, 25/16 Oriental Street New Plymouth – Ph: 06 758 2222

COMMITTEE – Lloma Hibbell, Faye Gecse, Dorothy Turner, Michael Back,  Ken Day.

DIVISIONAL SUPERVISORS – North: L. Hibbell, D. Brunton; South: D. Turner, K Day.


Drills and Games

Success in the game of bowls comes from consistent execution of the basic skills together with sound tactical judgment. The key to improvement, just as in any other sport, is purposeful practice.

The individual practice drills in the link below are designed to improve the basic skills. Each drill is designed to allow simple consistent objective measuring of performance so that players can set goals and strive to improve their personal best. Recording the results will enable player and coach to monitor progress and identify stregnths and weaknesses.

Skills need to be practiced in context as well as in isolation. Too often players “practice” by rolling up with a mate usually simply reinforcing bad habits. Modified games designed to challenge a particular skill or tactic can turn group practice into purposeful practice that is both challenging and fun. Learning from mistakes made in such purposeful games will quickly improve tactical judgment and refine skills.

This collection of games and drills is not intended to be a complete list but are examples of an almost endless variety of activities. Players are encouraged to modify them to meet their individual needs. Challenge yourself and enjoy!!
Link HERE to find downloads of a range of games and drills..