COVID-19 update 20/03/20: To all Bowling clubs and members in Taranaki.

Bowls New Zealand recommendation

This afternoon, Bowls New Zealand have recommended “that (until further notice) all bowling clubs throughout the country be closed for all organised bowls events and activities.” A full copy of their statement can be found here: https://bowlsnewzealand.co.nz/featured/coronavirus-covid-19-update-18-03-20/

Bowls Taranaki recommendation and update

The Board of Bowls Taranaki fully endorses the Bowls New Zealand recommendation that all clubs be closed all organised bowls events and activities.

As announced earlier today, the Paul and Sharon Spiers-sponsored First Year singles and the Radius Healthcare-sponsored men’s Shield final, both scheduled for tomorrow, are postponed until further notice.

Further, the Flamingo Motel-sponsored secondary school team’s match against Wellington has been cancelled. Earlier in the week, BNZ announced the postponement of the Intercentre event, which Revital Fertilisers Taranaki were to compete in, and the Interclub, which Paritutu were to represent the province in.

We advise now that the TCM Limited-sponsored champion-of-champions series is postponed until further notice as well. While some clubs have finished some championships, others have not. We will liaise with all clubs if it is at all possible to reschedule these events to ensure all clubs have the chance to compete.

Bowls Taranaki Centre Office

Until further notice, only the Executive Officer and Chairman will be permitted entry to the Centre Office. If you wish to make contact, please do through telephone or email.

Financial support

Earlier in the week, the Government released a number of packages aimed preserving jobs. This includes wage assistance for all businesses, including clubs, where there is a 30% reduction in turnover for a month compared to the same month last year. This could well in the case in your club in March or April and this could be a vital source of cashflow at this time. More details are available at: https://workandincome.govt.nz/products/a-z-benefits/covid-19-support.html#null If your club needs assistance with this, please contact us.

In the meantime, best wishes and health to all.

Grant Hassall (Chairman) and Peter Scott (Executive Officer)

Update 20/03/20: The Board of Bowls Taranaki this morning has decided to postpone both the Paul and Sharon Spiers-sponsored First Year singles and the Radius Healthcare-sponsored men’s Shield finals this weekend. We are taking advice from Bowls NZ on COVID-19 and they will be providing more information shortly. Once this is received, we will provide a more detailed explanation of our thoughts and recommendations.

Update 17/03/20 – Martin’s Fashion-sponsored women’s Egmont Shield final: Lepperton 1 win +1 differential first, Hawera Park 1 win -1 differential second. Congratulations, Lepperton.
Update 16/03/20: Bowls NZ have announced that the Intercentre event has been postponed. For further information on this and Coronavirus, go to: Coronavirus update 
At this stage, the Egmont shield finals (Tuesday), the men’s Shield finals (Saturday) and the Paul and Sharon Spiers first year singles (this weekend – refer to the “Mens draw” and “Womens draw” tabs for the draws) are still on. We will update this site with any developments.
Update 14/03/20: Refer to the “Results” tab for updates in the semi and final games of the men’s triples at Hawera Park and the women’s triples at Stratford-Avon.
Congratulations to Paritutu for defeating Wanganui East in the first round of the senior Bowls3five and to West End who did the same in the junior Bowls3five.
Click here for full results of the Octagonal representative fixture and both the women’s and men’s Open fours (note the different tabs at the bottom of the link).
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Bowls Taranaki Incorporated is

The Administrative body for the 21 Men’s and Women’s Bowling Clubs in the Taranaki Province from Patea in the South to Opunake in the West to Awakino in the North with a total membership of  1,200.

Bowls Taranaki organises and controls Open Tournaments, Representative, Champion of Champions, InterClub and InterCentre Events.

Current staff and contact information is:

  • Mr Peter Scott – Executive Officer       Ph 06 757 8000
  • Mr Ian Andrews – President                 Ph 06 758 5098
  • Mr Frank Pollock – Vice President       Ph 06 278 1455
  • Mr Grant Hassall – Chairman               Ph 06 769 6627