Updated 21/11/19: Refer to the Interclub tab for the results from the opening night of the Bowls3five competition – which is scheduled for the following three Wednesday nights as well.
Updated 18/11/19: Cross Country Rentals-sponsored Taranaki mixed pairs draw is in duplication on the Mens draw and Womens draw tabs.
Paul and Sharon Spiers men’s interclub update 17/11/19: Progress charts on the Interclub tab and further updates on News tab .
Division one (Bill Smee) – play is now at Paritutu not Stratford-Avon.
Division two – at Tower and Hawera Park (as programmed).
Division three – at Paritutu (as programmed)

Updated 16/11/19: Cathy Andrews (senior) and Lesley Te Awa (under-eights) with the trophies from Revital Fertilisers Taranaki’s win over Wanganui today. They are pictured with patron Patty Symes. Points from today: senior women, Taranaki 14 Wanganui 6; under-eights women, Taranaki 11 Wanganui 9; senior men, Taranaki 6 Wanganui 4; under-eights men, Taranaki 8 Wanganui 2. Refer to the Reps and News tabs for more details.
Updated 14/11/19: Refer Interclub for Bowls3five draw and conditions of play. This event starts on November 20 at 6pm. All play will be at Stratford-Avon.

Updated 10/11/19: Refer to the Interclub tab for the latest standings in the Vospers-sponsored women’s interclub. With rain washing out the first day in the Paul and Sharon Spiers men’s interclub event today, this will now recommence next Sunday, November 17, at the same locations as today.

Updated 09/11/19: Refer to the Results tab for the latest from the South Taranaki Club-sponsored men’s Centre fours at Hawera Park. Congratulations to the winners Jordan Linn, Dave Wilson, Steve Walker adn Craig De Faria (West End) for winning  the title for the second-straight year, and to De Faria for winning his 25th Taranaki title.

Updated 04/11/19: Refer to the News tab for a wrap from the weekend and to the Reps tab for the women’s Revital Fertilisers Taranaki side to play Whanganui.

Updated 02/11/19: Refer to the Men’s draw tab for the post section draw in the South Taranaki Club-sponsored men’s Centre fours and to the Interclub  and News tabs for the latest standings in the Vospers-sponsored women’s interclub. The Reps tab records the first Revital Fertilisers Taranaki side of the season.


Bowls Taranaki Incorporated is

The Administrative body for the 21 Men’s and Women’s Bowling Clubs in the Taranaki Province from Patea in the South to Opunake in the West to Awakino in the North with a total membership of  1,200.

Bowls Taranaki organises and controls Open Tournaments, Representative, Champion of Champions, InterClub and InterCentre Events.

Current staff and contact information is:

  • Mr Peter Scott – Executive Officer       Ph 06 757 8000
  • Mr Ian Andrews – President                 Ph 06 758 5098
  • Mr Frank Pollock – Vice President       Ph 06 278 1455
  • Mr Grant Hassall – Chairman               Ph 06 769 6627